Preparing for Power, A Political Decision

Tidal Power is predominantly promoted by local and individual interest, none of which will be the actual Developers with the funds to build. This fragmented approach is being dealt with below.

We have attached a copy of the letter to BEIS to deal with these specific issues.

The Rt. Hon. Greg Hands MP 20 February 2023
Energy Minister
Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
1 Victoria Street

Dear Minister ‘NOTICE’

Re: The Severn Lake Causeway

Can I firstly congratulate you on your new and vitally important position as Energy Minister at
a time of great need in sourcing clean secure and renewable energy UK?

Since 2006, and becoming the Founder of the Severn Lake Co. I have, supported by the
original DTI and some fourteen Energy Ministers and staff over the years, promoted and
lobbied for tidal power in the Severn estuary and within the nine or so potential tidal recovery
locations UK. I hold a licence for a patent that allows tidal power to be captured on ebb and
flow, see

Apart from the above, the main purpose of this letter is to flag up what I see as a critical
factor required by HM Government in the detail with tidal power projects UK, their promotion
and permission applications. Unless the promotors or applicants provide detailed and
calculated design of their turbine halls and tidal sluice gate infrastructure along with
expected power output at the very beginning of their discussions with you, there will be little
point in glossy brochures and dreams, that once exposed, disappoint locals, communities
and regions. You will find that currently power generation design is not available for most
schemes promoted in the UK today. As an example, if the new proposals for the Swansea
Tidal Lagoon produce power from the Severn it could not have floating houses and solar
panels on some placid lake!!

I believe that all schemes should be fully designed, approved by the Energy Minister and
credible before being presented to the public.

Can you please confirm receipt of this letter and note that I will publish it on my website?
The production of tidal power UK is unfolding. I hope you will be prepared as I.

Yours sincerely

Gareth G Woodham (Founder of the Severn Lake (2006)

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