The Big Picture “Biggest Regional Development Lake in Europe”

You will see below a simplistic plan showing “The Severn Lake” with all its ribbon development and potential.

True innovation and a business dream.

His Majesty’s Government is calling for growth (well, here we have it!) Who will be the Energy Business Minister at BEIS to move this forward?

Big Green Plan…

The Severn Lake – The Causeway (blue line) 12.5 miles

216 x 7.5 metre Kaplan Bulb Turbines – Wave Farm

12 Private Islands (black) – Free-flow Shipping Channel (yellow)

Two Marinas – One Lifeboat Station

Ribbon Development Wales (green) – Ribbon Development England (red)

Ribbon Development Bristol – Automatic Flood Defences upstream

Regatta Week – 15 August – Boat buses and ferries

Oyster & Seaweed Farms – Sailing schools and water sport

Causeway restaurant & bars – Aquarium

One mile fishing platform and associated huts (rent / buy)

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